Although you may have picked out the best cat tree option for your cat, the feline might just ignore it. So how do you get your cat to pay attention to your expensive purchase?

If your cat doesn’t like the a tree then you have just wasted a whole lot of money, so follow the tips given here so your cat can be trained to use the tree you so lovingly bought.

Train Your Cat to Use the Cat Tree

  • Pick the Right Spot

Felines have a mind of their own and have their own preferred spots. If you place the tree at the best spot in the house, they may simply ignore it. Instead, place the the tree at your cat’s favourite spot and you might get them to notice it.

  • Adopt a Step By Step Approach

Since the tree is a new thing in the house, your cats are not going to be instantly comfortable with having it around. They might even be wary of it. So instead of expecting them to simply jump on it use a more progressive approach. Start with getting them to feel comfortable around it. Sit down on the floor near the tree and this will give them some confidence.

Next you can start by putting some small treats for them on lower shelves of the tree. If they are comfortable with it then they might start to climb it slowly looking for those treats. Do not try to push them to the highest altitude immediately.

Train Your Cat to Use the Cat Tree

  • Reward Them for Climbing the Cat Tree

Just like humans, even animals understand when they are being appreciated or rewarded for something that they do. You can use the concept of reward to teach your cats how to use a tree.

Give them small treats when they climb the highest shelf of the cat tree. This will encourage them to do it more and get them acquainted with the tool.

  • Make Cat Tree Comforting

We know that cats love to get comfortable and curl up in soft spaces. You can use this knowledge to your advantage. You can place some soft bedding or a few cushions to make the tree look inviting and comfy. This will get them more interested in it and would encourage them to use it not just for playing around but also for taking a quick nap.



There are a lot of tips that we can give you on how to train your cat to use the cat tree. However, you know your feline better than anybody else. So, trust your instincts here and teach the cats using your very own language of love.