That is probably the reason why we have so many cat owners today.

However, there is one common problem that most cat owners struggle with. Cats are known to damage furniture indoors. But now there is a solution to this problem, and the solution is called cat tree.

Cats usually damage furniture by either gnawing at it or by scratching it. However, here is how a cat tree can help you protect that furniture.Benefits of Using Cat Tree

  • Give cats something to chew

Just like humans, cats feel their gums itching when they are growing their teeth. To get relief from this constant itching in the gums, they gnaw at the furniture. The hardness of the furniture gives them an ideal base to constantly keep on gnawing for relief. Here cat tree can give them the same stable base. So, a cat can enjoy gnawing at the cat tree while leaving your furniture aside.

  • Gives cats options to scratch at

Cats love to scratch, especially when they are in a playful mood. In absence of a cat tree they can scratch at the base of your couch or dining table or even bed. This leaves behind terrible looking scratch marks. Instead, in a cat tree you cat can have multiple options that encourage scratching. There can be a sisal rope or other cat toys. This can keep them engaged for a very long time.

Benefits of Using Cat Tree

  • Makes them feel secure

Humans live in a horizontal world while the world of the cats is vertical. They prefer to climb heights whenever they feel threatened or anxious. Heights are their safe havens. However, it is quite possible that your cats may jump on the top of your bed or kitchen cabinets to feel safe. This just means additional mess for you to handle.

A cat tree gives them an opportunity to climb heights and feel safe and secure. This way they can spare your furniture and not cause any damage.

  • Lets them have fun

Cats are very playful animals. However, when you have more than one cat at home, then their playing around can lead to furniture mess. A cat tree can accommodate more than one cat. This way, your cats can be playful and have some fun with the cat tree instead of your furniture.

Benefits of Using Cat Tree


For a cat owner, nothing compares to seeing their cat feel comfort, security, and fun. Cat trees can give you these priceless moments.