Having a cat as a pet can be extremely satisfying. It can make you feel that unconditional love that only pets are capable of giving. However, it can also take its toll on your movables. Ask any vet and they will say that the most common problem cat owners complain about is the scratching. Many cat owners have had to change their movables because their cats scratched them beyond recognition!

why Cats Scratch

But why do the cats scratch movables? Here are the top 4 reasons we believe that are responsible.


  • To remove dead outer layer of their claws


Cats usually develop a layer of dead skin or dead cells on the outer part of their claws. This thick outer layer of dead skin affects the way their claws feel different sensations. So, cats find their own way of shedding away this dead outer layer.

Just like humans prefer a pedicure, cats scratch their claws at furniture. This scratching can help them with the shedding process. A good way to stop this scratching is to regularly clean the claws of your cats.


  • To mark their territory


Cats have the tendency to mark their territory. To do this, they use visual marks as well as smell. The scratching of the furniture is their visual mark that helps them set aside their own space. This space will be their safe haven.

Here what you can do is identify their preferred spot and put up a cat tree there. This cat tree will give them a lot of options to scratch at. This way you can safeguard your furniture.

why Cats Scratch


  • Stretch their feet and claws


How many times have you stretched your limbs to relax your muscles and feel better? The cats also do the same thing. They scratch at movables as a way to just stretch their feet or simply scratch an itch in their claws. This process is extremely therapeutic for them.

In such cases, you can teach them how to use a cat tree to not only play but also to stretch their body. The different shelves placed at varying heights can help them flex their muscles the way they want which is not possible with movables.


  • Infections or allergies


It is quite possible that your cats have got infections in their paws or even allergies that are making them feel itchy. So take them to a vet and get them checked for any contact dermatitis.

why Cats Scratch


Any problem can be solved only after you understand it properly. So, observe very carefully why your cat is scratching at your movables and then try to look for a solution.