Cats and kittens have different dietary requirements than dogs. You can just give them what you give your dogs. They need their own special food. So next time you go to the store, use our tips below to pick out the right cat food.

  • Choose the right brand

A pet supplies store may have a shelf full of cat food available from different companies. However, you should also pick a brand that has undergone AAFCO feeding trials. These trials ensure that cats are given all the necessary nutrition in right quantity.

You can find several AAFCO approved brands selling cat food online. You can just place an order, pay online with a credit card and get done with it if you hate supermarket lines.

Kitten Food Tips

  • Keep watch on calories

Unlike humans, cats need more calories because of all the running around that they do. So, pick a food that is high in calorie and gives them the necessary energy to continue with their playful demeanour. Once again, when you look up the products online, you can find the calorie details listed in product details. Look at the product info, select the right one, add it into your online cart, make the payment and you are done.

  • Check the ingredients

The ingredients in the food will help in the development of your kitten. So, check the ingredients on the packets and ensure your kitten gets the right nutrition.

  • Mix canned and dry food

It is highly possible that your cats may get fed up of eating the same type of food every day. So, you can buy canned and dry food and mix them every once in a while. The change in texture and taste will do them some good.

Look for the reviews of canned food online and then buy them by making online payments.

  • Get opinion of your vet

Just like a human baby, even the kittens need to grow at an optimal rate. So, get your vet to examine the kitten and guide you on what type of food is needed. The vets may prescribe a different type of meal plan for a kitten that is underweight and needs extra nutrition.

Kitten Food Tips


While you are buying cat food, ensure that you buy it from an authorized place. There are various online options available for buying cat food. You can simply select the product, make the payment and have the food delivered at your doorsteps.